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All lab cabinets are made of heavy 18 gauge cold rolled steel.  All cabinets are made in USA 100%

All base cabinets come with a 4″ toe kick, cabinets are 22″ deep so that utilities such as water, drains, gas, power can run behind the cabinets. Standard hgt is 36″, desk hgt applications 30″, ADA hgt range is from 32″ – 34″

  • Full frame construction
  • SS 5 knuckle hinges
  • Cabinets are made of rigid 18g a steel
  • Removable rear panel
  • Drawers suspension is a smooth roller bearing construction,
  • 100 lb load at full extension `
  • Heavy duty load capacity slides are available, 150 lb or 200 lb
  • Sink base cabinets are available in, 30″, 36″, 42, & 48”
  • All sink cabinets come with a 15″ high removable back panel ` 7″ front facia panel
  • Door and drawers are double walled for a solid quiet close and a rubber bumper is mounted on every door

Laboratory Furniture can be customized by using our extensive line of accessories and options, resulting in a cost effective and productive plant layout.